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2009-12-25 06:25:25 by Oreo47


Now that that's outta the way...


Currently, AWS is hovering at the 3.30 mark, which is disappointing, but it was hit HARD, I *think*,by kong blammers. It was shot back past 100th place in it's first few hours, but is now up past 20th. If it gets 15th or higher, then it is eligible for the $10,000 GRAND PRIZE!? DAMNNN!

The current safe mark is 3.31, so even ONE vote will make a difference!

Thanks to everyone who has shown their support so far!

Voting closes on the 27th so go SHOW YOUR SUPPORT AND VOTE!!!
On the 28th, if we are above 15th, I'll put up a short AW2 trailer, so you can see some of the new graphics. If not, I'll be pissy, but still put it up.

Your call.

Oh, and I'm still waiting on my sponsor about putting it up on NG, but he is AWOL... holidays I guess...

ps: I feel dirty enough asking for fives without anyone pointing it out. thank you :D




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2009-12-25 06:39:25

i voted 5

Oreo47 responds:

Your support is appreciated! Now go blast some zombie scum! WOO!


2009-12-25 10:12:19

Me and 3 other friends have voted 5's. May autumnw war survivior CONTINUE WOOO.

Oreo47 responds:

Excellent. >;)


2009-12-25 10:34:09

One game for me, One five for you. :3


2009-12-25 11:44:16

when is aw2 coming out!!!!????


2009-12-25 11:53:54

sorry if i double post but pls listen oreo make entry 26 and put in the aw2 intro so we know what it it and how it works like the commands the stuff like that and pls do that ok? thx

Oreo47 responds:

It'll just be a few quick snippets of tactical battle, and maybe a few seconds of the map screen.


2009-12-25 19:36:22

Awesome, the game is great, i voted 5 stars, i really do hope you get the 10 000 bucks, best regards from a first time poster. seriously i made this account 3 min ago just for you, this is my first comment on newgrounds, can't wait for AW2

oh and by the way we really are too good to you, yes i've read the other pages.

Oreo47 responds:

Yea... i know... thanks for the support!


2009-12-26 17:38:51

marry me?


2009-12-26 22:24:01

i rated 5 now tell em what is the song you used its so epic!


2009-12-27 02:46:21

I voted 5.

Although the graphics were normal (mildly crappy), the game itself was quite interesting, in how the melee operated, and how some zombies required a bullet in hand to hand to kill.

The game mechanics were extremely well done.

I averaged about 18 kills. My highest score was 37 kills.


A pistol is for fighting you way to a rifle.

If you can do super fast reloads (easier with M4 style magwells) well, props to you.

Most importantly, have someone to keep up the fire while you reload. Find buddies. Preferrably buddies who know how to handle a rifle and own rifle(s). And buddies that have at least EMT training.



2009-12-27 04:56:24

dude if u replace the pistol with a assault rifle people will vote more for autumn war 2! so replaace it will ya!


2009-12-27 20:07:14

if ya put it here.


2009-12-28 05:23:40

You got da 5, dude! Merry belated Christmas!


2009-12-30 16:30:59

Riker you do know how annoying you are he is almost done the game and not much will be added not to mention if you have a question look at other posts tactics have been described since post 2.
And if you had a assault rifle it will be to easy getting rid of the whole helpless look. And really if your heli was flying out of control and you are nearly killed and hundreds of zombies arent even a mile away it is most likley you would not spend the time looking for your rifle when you have a gun.
Oh also
replaace it will ya!
pls do that ok? thx
and worst of all
when is aw2 coming out!!!!????
Stop acting like a four year old and learn proper grammer
Can you replace it
Can you please do that
Do you know when AW2 is coming out?(Wait you shouldnt be asking that!)
There, God what has NG come to


2009-12-30 22:56:39

Sir, congratulations on winning $1,000 USD, being 10th place in the Stride Challenge.

I revised my kill strategem and managed to get 126 kills.

Yes, it is epic holding down space when you are being grabbed by undead. I killed 3 undead in 1 second like that when they tried to grab me on both sides, but this is extremely risky.

Anyways, can't wait for your trailer.


2009-12-31 02:02:50

hey there oreo, question still hasn't exactly been answered yet, in autumn war 1 5 rifle men can barely barely barely take on thirty zombies from just the front, and this guy can take down hundreds from all sides by himself o.o


2009-12-31 03:33:24

oh and also, oreo, tell us more about the xenos :D will they be a useable unit as a human commander while working for a witch? i know that you said that working for a witch would name you a traitor to mankind but grant you special powers. if you're an enemy to mankind than how would you get reinforcements? i think being able to command over zombies and the troops that were loyal to you before you turned would be awesome. use your veteren troops and vehicles for spec ops missions, zombie swarms for city assaults/distractions, and bat/wolf xenos for breaking enemy lines and ambushing patrols in forests :3 so seriously, tell us more more about the zombies, you look pretty close to finishing the game, just need to finish some things and set up missions and such i suppose :D


2009-12-31 06:43:11

i only say the 2 times or once in an entry echo u noob


2010-01-01 03:31:34

happy new year and decade


2010-01-01 13:18:14

Riker I don't see how im a noob I am obviously not new to newgrounds and im not acting like I just started making me not a noob. Not to mention Riker you atempt to insult me when you yourself have terrible grammer and the spelling of a four year old. I could barley even read your last post so if anyone should be insulted it is you.


2010-01-01 16:08:10

According to the contest, he should have won 1,000$ at least.


2010-01-01 23:16:57

it's so much fun!!!!


2010-01-02 04:57:40

i only post once or twice that thing in a entry so shut the hell up! echo! becho! shecO! wico! echo becko locko mecko!


2010-01-02 05:18:59

i really thing you desvreve the money autumn survior may be little but it is action packed i hope aw2 follows suit.


2010-01-02 18:40:20

I siding with echo on this one riker falls in with the likes of sammyfun and mclovin323 (little post history for ya). Any significant progress on AW2 if not taboo to ask?


2010-01-03 01:18:18

riker, you are the noob here. you ask once or twice a ENTRY. i'm sure if he gets anywhere significant in the progress he'll say it. echo is perfectly normal here, and yeah, your grammer is crap, plus you keep saying to be quiet and than put in 5 more posts right after that. and what's with the echo secho blecho thing? that's what 7 year old children do. he aint insulted.


2010-01-03 11:13:00

OMFG. What is with the flame wars here? Yes, I must riker IS double posting and being some what hypocritical in terms if saying "Stop spamming" followed by a "HEY OREO WHEN YOU GONNA BE DONE!?" in another post. However, he's also a human being (although someone who's a hypocrite) and is just curious. I'll admit, I'm not taking any sides here. If there's one thing I learned on the internet, it would be: "Fighting on the internet is like running in the Special Olympics. Even if you win your still retarded."


2010-01-03 12:03:41

Go to my post and decide if I should kill myself. My life is in your hands, Belaris159 I am not a looser.


2010-01-04 02:46:03

this war flame war should stop what is its point. i mean its just riker loseing his temper. so brake it up. and commander your wisdom has helped us all=)
regards rayman
p.s im not trying to sound like a five year old it is hard to word with improviseation I just word it how it is


2010-01-04 06:32:34

Ah Sammys's not that bad atleast he stopped


2010-01-04 16:42:21

What do you mean Echo? Anyway I'm sorry Riker, I know what I said was hash so I'm sorry. You deserve to call me what ever you like, I'm sorry.

P.S I think oreos won that 10 grand already


2010-01-04 16:48:29

i've never had a life in my hands before! is it supposed to be this squishy? jk but seriously i never said that (synonyms don't count) can't we all just get along?


2010-01-05 16:09:12

Sammy I meant that atleast you stopped spamming you'r not that bad


2010-01-05 18:47:53

Hey man, if I hadnt missed it I wouldve rated, I htought u were dead, decided Id check on it now, glad you got back to us. Hope u can keep up on atleast updating, no one can get angry if you just keep us in the loop ;) we all know we got lives, but a lack of update is.....frustrating to say the least. Great game though, i'm glad I finnally got to play it, didnt miss it this time haha. graphics look real good, wish my pc could handle it on full haha, its good lookin, and pretty fun, I love it when they grab you, specially when they get on ur leg and u unload on the zombies in front and save the last bullet for the zombie on your leg.... Great to have you back man, dont dissapear on us again please!


2010-01-05 20:10:29

too late :(


2010-01-06 05:10:48

shutting mouth untilnext entry)


2010-01-06 05:11:48

im just 9 years old!


2010-01-06 05:13:28

guys go have some fun on roblox and send me a friend request its jazz55555 and plus modern warfqare my friend has been amking game autumn war 2 on roblox so make an account now on roblox and send ema friend request actaully im 12 yrs old


2010-01-06 18:19:45

please just stop.


2010-01-06 18:56:26

k i just have to say... why should we take the time to try and make you win alot og money, when you cant even take the time to at least make posts once or twice a month telling us how close the game is to being finished? you expect us to help you but your not even willing to take five minutes out of your life to leave a post, after telling us all about this awesome game your going to make. its bitchy that you do that, so i wouldnt be suprised if i were you to find out that not many people are trying to give your by the way not very good game, a five to try and help you get money. because you say the money will go towards autumn war 2 but i guarentee we will never see that game. Or if we will wont be for 4 years no matter how much money you say you will use on the game, which is more likly going to be used on your boyfriend.


2010-01-06 23:41:53

kk i'm stopping it with the flame wars :D

question to oreo that will not be answered until next update more than likely :P

will there be packs of lupine xenos?

how would a squad of next gen elite with chainsaws stand up against a greater wolf xeno in the open plains during the day or night? in the woods? would a pack of 5 greater xenos be the biggest threat since 9/11?
what if a xeno consumed the flesh of all possible animal types and the flesh of all the most elder witches, would this mean Armageddon? or just a battle that would need to pool a large ammount of resources into? because i remember you saying xenos can consume witch flesh, and that in itself has bad effects, but what if it devoured all of the most powerful witches, that would mean it would have the best strategies for any situation, extreme powers, and would be flying, running, and would probably be able to stop artillery in midair.

also, how does a witch hunter stand a chance against a witch, which is a supernatural being that can toss a tank aside with relative ease and stop bullets. when the witch hunter, from what you said, will get overwhelmed after 10 zombies and than detonate. the strength comparison doesn't make too much sense here. a witch can control the weather, which probably means expect fog and rain from weak ones, and tornados from stronger ones ._. last i checked ten zombies and an explosion doesn't equal up to tank tossing and tornados. does the witch hunter have some way of negating the effects of a witch's power?

Also, the zombie idea you have said, how they take on the characteristics of what they eat, it sounds oh so familiar to an odd little race in warhammer 40k called the kroot. yes, kroot take on characteristics of what they eat, and their sergeants tell them what they can and cannot eat, if he wants them much stronger than he'll have them eat ork flesh, if he wants them to fly than they eat avian flesh....dear god, a kroot squad that's eaten the flesh from a fallen bio-titan xD scary thought. did you by chance get the inspiration for the zombies from the kroot?


2010-01-09 05:52:42

what a load of shit!!!!!!!


2010-01-09 05:53:22

hey commander have u got all the warhammer games i do and i will now stop!


2010-01-09 12:17:44

Hey Oreo, what about those palidins you were talking about. Could you tell us more about them. They should be able to take 12 basic zombies but only 4 xenos, due to their heavy armor. And they can only do light damage to greater xenos and witches. As not to deminish the use of witches. So witches could take 10 basic zombies, 10 xenos, and be able to kill witches not to mention their suicide packs could do even more damage


2010-01-09 12:20:37

Sorry let me rephrase that last part. I meant to say As not to deminish the use of witchhunters. So witchhunters could take 10 basic zombies, 10 xenos, and be able to kill witches not to mention their suicide packs could do even more damage to the zombie horde.


2010-01-09 19:36:34

Well, he was inspired by the 40k video games, particularly Dawn of War.

Personally I think I'd join the Church. A crapload of angry mobs with firearms charging an equal amount of zombies (or even more) is just....orgasmic, for lack of a better term.


2010-01-10 12:10:05

9 year olds don't swear, riker, just shutup. echo is cool, and so is commander, he was just asking some simple questions, unlike you, who keeps on moaning "PSST, ADD ME ON THIS WEBSITE, LOOK AT THIS ON YOUTUBE"


2010-01-10 17:18:46

Thanks Alex,
Really Riker trying to advertise in the post? You do realize that can get you in serious trouble. And Alex is right, 9 year olds DONT swear come to think of it a 9 year old shouldn't even be playing AW


2010-01-11 09:27:54

When will Autumn War 2 come?


2010-01-11 10:10:53

pls come to roblox for some fun while autumn war 2 is still not on and on construction!


2010-01-11 11:41:47

GOT MILK? sheeesh you're still doing it.