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Short, Sick and Sweet.

I laughed at the end. Does that make me a bad person? Great build up on the suspense, and the simple background and solid animation worked very well together.

The next Broken Saints

Very nice style, although it was boring. The backgrounds sometimes looked out of place, being painted and all, but most of the time added to the gritty feel of the short. Also, if the author tied to animate the piece, it would have been breathtaking; for the most part it was just a bunch of motion tweens, with almost no actual animation.

A great series.

I loved it. Great writing and style. The animation was a bit stiff, but the quality was some of the best i have ever seen.

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History of the portal much?

I cant praise this game enough. My only complaints are not enough characters, and some sort of auto face feature would have been nice. I hate games like these where im pulling off sweet combos in the wrong direction.

NegativeONE responds:

Autofacing is great in fighting games because there's only one person to face. I don't like it in brawlers though, because sometimes the game makes a different decision than you want as far as who to face. I can see your point of view though. Maybe coulda made it an option.

Some of the best atmosphere i have seen in a flash

I would have liked if it was just the automaton... has a nice dark sad feel to it, like salad fingers, but kinda cool.

Greatly underrated.

I have played this game about 20 times now, and i just finally beat it, so here is what i thought:

Things i liked: Great retro art style, the ability to upgrade, deployment was not hampered by needing to control your guys.

Things i like not so much: It was a pretty solid game all round, although the flamethrowers were well done (no pun intended), the particles that they used were not really suited for this kinda game. They looked out of place, and caused 99% of the lag that was going on. Also, the hide mouse command should have been on a 'on(enterfame)' thing, for those of us who like to right click and stuff... im retarded like that.... oh, and the music would cut out at the end of some of the games... Yea... These are small things that hardly had any impact on the game, but having them fixed would make it alot better.

I cant see a sequel being better, as this game was balanced almost perfectly.

I make flash for you. Zombies are awesome.


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