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Autumn War 2 Engine Demo

2014-08-19 21:34:35 by Oreo47


Sorry bout the afk; I was diagnosed with a mental illness a few years and it put my life on hold. Im back now, though, and have a little treat for you...

This is not a trailer, but rather an engine demo... All the animations and most of the graphics are rough versions, and the whole thing is still riddled with bugs.

So waddya think?


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2014-08-19 21:54:44

Glad you're back and well old friend! Looks rather interesting, I do like this newer engine, can't wait to see more!


2014-08-20 04:21:48

Goddamn! Autumn War 2???? I remember the first one was fun! Cant wait to see the awesome new features on the second one! :D


2014-08-20 06:25:27



2014-08-20 08:48:33

Looks very impressive, Charles. I'm glad you made it thus far to continue with the game.


2014-08-20 14:58:40

Wow, i cant believe i almost forgot about such an awesome game.
Great thing you're back old buddy :)


2014-08-20 16:26:48

Autumn war is one of my childhood classics - If I enjoy AW2 half as much as the first, you're doing great :D


2014-08-20 23:45:55

Good to see you back an action Charles. The engine looks freaking amazing o_O. Is it all still done in flash or running on unity?

Oreo47 responds:

It's all flash, although when it's done i might look into unity.


2014-08-21 11:29:31

Amazing! cant wait! i know there will be new autumn war! yay!


2014-08-21 13:01:09

Oh I'm just so glad that you are back... we were all missing you and even got worried... leaving us without a word like that. The engine demo looks amazing... so this game will actually be 3D...?
I'm just so excited, you can't believe it. Hear from you soon.


2014-08-25 02:37:24

Holy shit, I was wondering what happened to this series xD


2014-09-12 06:18:43

Damn we are all thought you are dead or abandoned the series. we have wait for 4 years dude, cant believe it but still good luck with your project.we will keep waiting just like usual


2014-09-12 07:05:30

That video would be a good treat to all of us ( 3D animation and Giant zombies WOOT) that would be a huge development


2014-09-17 19:45:27

Good god, he's alive. I was about to play Autumn War again but wasn't really expecting to see a new post. This looks swell, I'm really excited to see what happens in the future.


2014-09-24 01:10:16

Say Charles one more question ... what happened to the autumn war that we all saw in the trailers back in 2008? Was that just completely scrapped?


2014-09-28 13:49:55

I thinks it's a great idea that he added 3d battles and movement in the game or else the camera angle would become to awkward and It looks like he borrowed some ideas as well from the anime attack on Titan survey crops scouts and games and franchises.Smiley


2014-10-18 19:44:05

Welcome back! Great to see you return, even if I am a month late posting to your return.


2014-10-24 07:35:37

Good to see you bak, i was starting to lose hope, could you give us a release date, or at least release the 2d version while the 3d is being worked on? Again it's good to know you're fine.


2014-11-08 14:55:33

For all of you wondering where the hell he is.His Facebook say's that he was at a McDonald porter gathering.


2014-11-25 11:56:01

Oreo my man! It's been many years. Some gave up but know this, I never gave up. Keep up the good work and hoping to be able to play Autumn War 2 when it's released. Hopefully before I enlist for the US Army that is haha. Keep it up bud ^__^


2015-01-28 16:12:28

I can't believe it! You're back! I've been waiting for your game for more than six years I believe!
Maybe there is a God?


2015-02-27 18:03:51

Oh my good lord. We made it. ALL OF THE WAITING IS OVER


2015-03-03 23:21:20

Holy shit! I got bored today and decided to check out Newgrounds again, and remembered your game, and decided to see your profile again.

It's been roughly 5 years since your last update, damn that's wild. I was in middle school the last time I signed in! Now I'm an adult and live a completely different life, so much time has passed. Had to fish around here to find my old account name and password haha. All the old fights I'd had on here with people over your game.

Anyway, I hope you're doing well and I wish the best for your game and your health as well. Good luck with everything!


2015-03-08 10:42:00

Try to say some thing with minimal 1 month gap and maximaly 5 months


2015-03-09 06:37:50

I still have nightmares about riker15


2015-03-09 13:43:01

Riker?Who is he


2015-04-18 11:48:14

so how is the production of the game.


2015-04-24 10:07:44

So my story of how I was introduced to zombie games.You all might be thinking that It was resident evil or some thing like that.Nope It was autumn war and prototype 1 and 2.See I always wanted a zombie RTS game but in the prototype franchise setting where you see people running around in fear and horror,military personal try to putting up a fight but a evil coorperation is doing the exact opposite and murdering and infecting innocent people just to get tests and specimens.The enviorment over ther was so awesome and alive and It was loads of fun to become a soldier(with a gun) to take a berserker down with near by troops.


2015-05-03 18:54:38

First of all, welcome back. Just today I was thinking to myself there should be a zombie game on the Play Store because there isn't really a great one out there. I was like I used to play a flash zombie game years ago and it's the most fun I've had with a zombie game so I'm glad it didn't take me long to figure what game it was and I must say Autumn War has to have a comeback. I hope it's a full game for PC, Android, Flash because I would be playing this game non-stop.


2015-05-23 17:07:50

Never forget


2015-06-03 19:33:52

Oh my God, you're alive! That's great, and so is the game.

At last, we shall have victory over the tumbleweeds!


2015-09-06 00:58:03

Dude, I am so glad to hear you're alright. I was barely a teenager when I fell in love with the original Autumn War. I followed the development of AW2 up until you went afk. I've always wondered what happened to you. Out of curiosity, I googled AW2 tonight and found this. So relieved to see you good man. I personally know the impact mental illness can have on your life, so believe me when I say you got this. The engine demo looks great, keep up the good work man!