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Autumn War Survivor 2 Trailer

2015-07-12 03:11:04 by Oreo47

Autumn War Survivor 2 is only a week or so from completion.... here's a peek!



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2015-07-12 06:24:08

Looks nice the near the end sparked a few questions, you are fighting something worse than zombies right? and is this unity? other than that BRING IT ON

Oreo47 responds:

In AWS2 it will only be zombies. The stuff at the end was just extra. Zombies morph into animals they eat, and some become telepathic (the beast and the witch). It isn't unity, but flash (as2 no less).


2015-07-12 08:09:43

Hey Oreo the game itself looks absolutely amazing however I have a few questions.

1.About the UI will there be a dot reticle to show where you aim or is it auto aimed ?

2. What sort of hardware are you running on currently?

Oreo47 responds:

1. The camera is controlled with mouse. Up zooms in, and L/R orbit. When camera is zoomed in all the way, the zombie closest to center is targeted, when camera back, closest zombie to player is targeted.

2. 2.2 ghz, although grass and filters and textures can be disabled to make playable on slower computers.


2015-07-15 19:06:27

so just one question, if you were to encounter the Beast or the witch do have to shoot them or run away

Oreo47 responds:

For the beast you want to run into forests where you could hide. The witch draws strength from nearby zombies, so taking them out weakens her.


2015-07-16 15:20:21

wow it looks nice but can you make it so that we can get better weapons? im tried of just fighting with a pistol.

Oreo47 responds:

There will also be an m16 and various grenades. Weapons will have optional attachments


2015-07-18 14:47:36

As always, your games have their own artistic taste to it, in addition to looking fun as hell.


2015-07-19 02:24:27

It looks really interesting and completely different, though it looks easier and less action packed than the previous autumn war survivor with the melee seeming much simpler.
I'm curious as to what happened to the other autumn war survivor 2 though since I saw you had a trailer for it 4 years ago?
Also (sorry for the long post) I'm wondering what made you choose to make the game 3D instead of the old side scrolling style?

Oreo47 responds:

Completed old aw2s, but the sponsors wouldn't pick it up. The game uses mode6 (Mario cart engine), and poser to make the 3d effect.


2015-07-21 16:03:06

i don't mean to be impatient but what date exactly is Autumn War Survivor 2 going to be released?


2015-07-27 12:08:51

Good luck!


2015-07-27 18:12:21

Looking forward to it. Will you be able to fight with other military assets besides yourself? It might be useful to get a feel of the teamwork importance in the game.


2015-07-28 10:23:01

If you still have the old aw2s would you ever consider trying to release it again now?


2015-07-29 16:44:16

Hey Oreo/ Charles have you tried/considered sticking the original AW2 AW:Survivor 2 on Steam green light/ Steam store?

As a kid back in high school I was highly anticipating for both games release. Now as an adult I'd really love to get my hands on said games (._. )


2015-08-08 23:39:53

it is a shame the side scroll version would not get picked by a sponsor, but hey the 3D version of this looks very good i must say a more interactive game i guess? lol. same with autumn war 2. just wondering is it gana be like the first one or is there gana be some sorta of story that explains how it all happens?


2015-08-13 14:34:32

well here is the story you are playing as a commander that is trying to stop a super natural disease and in the line of duty the witches had feeded upon you but some how you survived.Military intelligence confirm that these witches are the one causing It.The witches have been feeding on the population and the ones that the witches have feed on turn in to mindless zombies that do the witches bidding and these witches have a thing for infiltrating towns and cities by day and causing major chaos at night.The military is trying to quarantine the infected but how ever these witches are throwing a brick in the military plan by attacking the military hierarchy and many of these witches are hard to track scientifically but that's where the church comes in.The church forces mainly contain of conscripts and hunters,these hunters (I hope there is mechanic like this) can track the witches.The hunters carry blessed sabers that can kill the witch.Now there is a black umbrella type corporation called next gen is trying to capture the witches and you so they can research on you.Know the next gen ranks for the early game basically is made up of mercenaries and there elite troops are small in numbers but are very stealthy,hard,dangerous and they also have better tech then you and lastly rebels or raiders they are pretty simple and self explanatory.Now this how the military works.The military have a lot of equipment and men but how ever many of the factions have a bad relations aganist you because they think the military has caused the infection and you are gonna need a lot of fuel and money to maintain and refuel there equipments and units.The church and raiders are simple but how ever the next is much more tactical and smaller then you and not only that they mostly ambush your troops and are deadly.


2015-08-14 06:00:10

I also forgot to mention about the xenos.Basically If a infected eats an animal then he will turn into a xeno and the xenos depend on the animals they eat also the witch is the only one that is able to command them and the witches also draw energy from near by zombies so shooting them first lowers her power but the zombies are also boosted by the witch so It might be tough to kill them.


2015-08-20 03:27:30

How's progress?


2015-08-24 11:01:39

Could you post the old Survivor 2 for download?


2015-09-01 07:15:01

Its been almost 2 months,when is it coming?


2015-09-12 03:37:12

Will there be some sort of ability to move about and explore?