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Autumn war 2 screenshots

2015-11-08 19:59:05 by Oreo47

845945_144703065821_scc.jpgHi, Working hard on AW2. Will get back to work on survivor, but having too much fun developing this epic.


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2015-11-09 09:21:41

What engine is that cause it looks AWESOME!

Oreo47 responds:

Its the mode 6 engine with lots of bells and whistles.


2015-11-09 12:00:33

Well this looks odd. I thought it's going to be a zombie game. Or are those just models for the upcoming characters...

(Updated ) Oreo47 responds:

Its still a zombie game. The character is the witch who creates and commands the zombies. The game has an afterlife system which is what the floating skeletons is about.


2015-11-09 21:14:15

Wanted to tell you how excited I am for this. The Autumn Wars have been my favorite browser based games ever, it's an absolutely excellent and somber series that I relish in. Such nostalgia is attached to the series as well for me.

Good luck, can't wait to kill them in 3d


2015-11-10 07:29:22

I remember enjoying the heck out of the first Autumn war way back when. I hope this is just as awesome.


2015-11-13 18:50:17

So I have 2 questions for you 1. Is this game going to have any sort of story line? 2. If it does will it be a prequel to the original autumn war game or a sequel?

Oreo47 responds:

There is a story mode with RPG elements, and the game takes place around the same time as AW1.


2015-11-17 08:28:38

a little detail regarding the afterlife system would be nice and do you mind going patreon once you have launched both the games and basically become famous.

Oreo47 responds:

Afterlife system:
The soldiers wear helmets that produce EMR fields around the head, which prevent possession. The Helmet also has goggles which allows the soldier to see ghosts/spirits/whatever (like ghostbusters). If the solder gets possessed, then they can activate the helm (which uses a lot of power), to scramble or otherwise get rid of the spirit.
If a soldier is possessed by the soul of a regular person, then they may temporarily forget how to use their fire arm, or otherwise be disorernted
If a soldier is possessed by a suicide victim or murderer, then they may become a threat to themselves or others.
There is a very detailed system for the spirits/souls, but the jest of it is that each character including zombies and soldiers have an aura.
Blue= leader;
red= fighter;
green = accommodating;
white = good;
black = bad;
In the game the dead are each buried with an item, a red aura zombie might be buried with a sword or bow, which makes them good at fighting, a green aura zombie might be buried with a bottle of wine or musical instrument, which increases effectiveness/mood of nearby zombies, etc.

The witch typically wants the make her zombies happy, which makes the afterlife like a sort of paradise when done correctly, white auras help with this, and black auras detract from this. Being near a mortal shatters the illusion, which will make the zombies aggressive.

In the afterlife the witch can fly, possess zombies and all sorts of things, but in the mortal plane the witch in quite vulnerable, so she needs red aura zombies to defend her, green aura zombies to maintain the red aura zombies, and so on.


2015-11-17 14:26:49

hmmm interesting but how ever why do witches need to keep the zombies mood happy?Is It because in a tactical sense the zombies won't walk into traps and conduct ambushes If the zombie's morale is happy so they can do what the witch says.?Is there also a way to send these spirits to the light or find some spirits that we can communicate through so they can help us out by acting as scouts or by haunting the enemy.Now graveyards will act as breeding ground for zombies but what about the graveyards inside the military zones.Can the witches place some sort of object that disrupts the spirits and cause them to become hostile.Obviously the Church will play a vital role in dealing with every thing super natural.

Oreo47 responds:

The witch (and zombies) feed off of spritual energy, which zombies can produce when they are happy. If the zombies are unhappy, then they may ignore orders or even turn on the witch.

Explaining 'sending the spirits to the light' would be a huge spoiler...

Different spirits have different effects depending on their aura and characteristics, but the spirits can't really tell who is alive or dead from the spiritual plane (everyone looks like spirit), but the witch can see everything that her zombies can see.

The game will have about 5 levels, each a cemetery over 1000 sq kilometers. The witch can walk around in a circle around a group of graves, animating the zombies inside said circle. The witch will want to try to keep the black aura zombies in their graves, as they consume and waste spiritual energy from other zombies (even when happy). Raising one zombie at a time takes along time, and raising a bunch means having many black aura zombies in the mob.

There are various ruins and temples through out the levels, some containing grim reaper like zombies who can act like lieutenants, or de-animate malignant zombies.

The game will probably include battle priests, who could deal with spirits a lot more efficiently than the 'ghost buster' technology


2015-11-18 05:31:06

thanks fam