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Autumn War 2 screenshot

2015-11-22 08:33:28 by Oreo47


Here is the daily screenshot. WOO!

This one is of a group of soldiers hiding from a greater chimera. Will they survive? YOU DECIDE!!!


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2015-11-22 09:37:30

the guy on the floor"PLAY DEAD perhaps he won't notice us


2015-11-22 10:32:14

I think I'm gonna sh*t my pants right now.....


2015-11-22 16:34:30

by the way, when did you first get the idea of creating the first AW:1 game?

Oreo47 responds:

I had been working on a top-down version of AW (mostly inspired by resident evil 4's HUNK and various zombie movies) when i found a parralax like engine on I was a student of the arts institute of Vancouver at the time, but dropped mostly because i preferred flash over the unreal engine.


2015-11-23 05:13:41

I'm glad to see you're back. I hope you're doing alright.


2015-11-24 14:38:48

earlier you mention that you are going to include battle priests in the game, so how do they operate and function anyway?

Oreo47 responds:

They would mostly preform exorcisms and create areas where spirits couldn't enter.


2015-11-25 10:56:05

now If anyone's asking on why we need to be afraid of spirits It's because spirits can be possess troops that don't wear helmets equipped with the technology to fight of spirits so the possessed troops can become a danger to them selves along with others as well and by the way the witches can make a mind of a helicopter pilot zone out that causes them to crash and P.S you Co's have implants that are equipped with the spirit fighting technology and when your troops are in the process of fighting of spirits they will be stunned for a short time making them vulnerable and If your troops fail to fight of the spirits then they can go 2 ways.The first one is that your troops will have amnesia while the second one is that they simplistically become mad and kill everyone except their own possessed brethren.


2015-12-03 19:02:20

there one thing that got me confused, you replied to one of my comments saying that AW:2 will take place during AW:1 right? then why was the witch not included AW:1? and what did happen after the vanguard in mission 7?


2015-12-04 00:04:23

The missions were mostly about baiting or trying to defend aganist the infected in the area while the next gen(Us) are leading the offensive by attacking the zombies place(Cemeteries) where they came from and thus you will find witches near them


2015-12-10 19:36:22

hey Oreo, in AW:Survivor there some kind of glitch where the screen would black out every time the solider dies the game. Can you please fix this issue?


2015-12-10 19:37:29

and im not trying to rush you or anything but there been some complaints from some people about it


2015-12-22 09:36:06

will there be an evacuation mechanic for squads that are low on troops like in tom clancy's end war?