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Autumn war 2 screenshots

2016-01-10 02:20:42 by Oreo47

Been spending alot of time on animating the heads of the characters, now they can have expressions, hair sway, speech, and even blinking. Also doubled the draw distance and figured out how to make the trees, rocks and bushes become 3D. I hope my next post is a trailer.845945_145241037973_awsc9.jpg


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2016-01-10 04:31:10

You're still alive! This looks awesome, and I can't wait


2016-01-10 14:04:20

Very nice !


2016-01-11 17:23:50

Wow you've been puttin work my boy congrats.Thou the heads of the witches seem to not center with the neck almost as if their losing their head(lol).Plus how much is left now?And is there only one female protagonist or more than one protagonist?And one thing I notice through out all your posts i've seen no black,latino or asian charaters?

Oreo47 responds:

Thanks! The witch head needs to be re-aligned, which will take an hour or so (lotta keyframes for the 3D effect).
Still alot to do, but i'll try to release a smaller version at some point.
There will be at least 3 protags.
To get different races, I would ether have to reanimate (pun) the soldiers, which would take along time, or change the color balance of the the characters, which would also change the color of the clothes, so right now just caucasian... Im quarter black... not too sure why I said that.


2016-01-11 20:11:59

So are the commands just like AW1 or is there more commands and tactics to use?And to ask is the 2D version done cause I was thinking maybe if it is then you can upload that separate and then continue working on 3D so after that you can just update the game that way?And how long will this game take for Us to beat(like as long as AW1)?And will the environment still play an effect on the player?

Oreo47 responds:

The game can be played in a 3rd person action style (wasd to move, mouse to look), or the player can push space bar to open the map and it plays like AW1.
Ive gotten almost as far in this build as i have in the 2D version, so i wont be opening up the 2d version.
The game can be played in a variety of styles. Expect the story mode to take over 100 hrs (the cemetarys are going to be at least 1000 sq km. They have to be this big so that helicopters can't do all the work.
There will be many terrain types, including water, snow, swamps, mountains, forrests, islands. They will affect movement, cover, stealth, stamina, and vehicle speed.


2016-01-12 15:30:16

What inspired you to do 3D and to scrap the old AW2 stuff?And is roadie run still in?

Oreo47 responds:

3D allowed for more cinimatic moments. The roadie run is still in. GOW FTW


2016-01-19 17:22:43

cant wait for this. to bad the 2d version wont be out. that would of been fun.


2016-01-24 18:11:31

So what are you working on now?And when will we get a preview of it?


2016-01-31 00:14:00

Hey what's your update schedule(as in when do you normally upload pics)?


2016-02-05 15:51:18

Wow you are still active man! That's incredible! I wish you great luck on your project man! Autumn War was a very revolutionary flash game IMHO.


2016-06-21 21:51:13

Hey Oreo47, so I have been a fan of the first Autumn War as well as Survivor and I first want to say thank you for such an amazing game. I have kept an eye on when this one will be released but for some time now, no new updates or information has been revealed. Will the game be released any time soon or have there been some serious obstacles that refuse you to be able to progress forward? Please don't think I am being impatient, I am just curious as to what will be happening with this game.


2016-10-16 20:43:40

When is this game gonna come out? Also, try to hold your hand on a object like the characters hold on to the rifle with their support hand. It's in an angle towards the body, that's unnatural.


2016-10-22 19:58:45

Looking good! Keep it up dude!


2016-10-28 13:05:49

Jesus Christ I first got excited for this shit in elementary school and now I'm in the Marines. How is this game not out yet.


2016-12-11 12:39:57

Well it's been quite a while since your last post, any news?


2016-12-14 19:59:01

Glad to see a few more people I can relate to. Autumn War was one of my favorite games when all I could play were flash games.


2017-03-23 14:27:56

This looks awesome man, i just found your first game, Autumn War, earlier today so i decided to check out this "Autumn War 2" because once i heard it was a thing i just had to see.. well, it's real. still being made, but, it's real. take your time, great games like this shouldn't be rushed.