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2009-12-25 06:25:25 by Oreo47


Now that that's outta the way...


Currently, AWS is hovering at the 3.30 mark, which is disappointing, but it was hit HARD, I *think*,by kong blammers. It was shot back past 100th place in it's first few hours, but is now up past 20th. If it gets 15th or higher, then it is eligible for the $10,000 GRAND PRIZE!? DAMNNN!

The current safe mark is 3.31, so even ONE vote will make a difference!

Thanks to everyone who has shown their support so far!

Voting closes on the 27th so go SHOW YOUR SUPPORT AND VOTE!!!
On the 28th, if we are above 15th, I'll put up a short AW2 trailer, so you can see some of the new graphics. If not, I'll be pissy, but still put it up.

Your call.

Oh, and I'm still waiting on my sponsor about putting it up on NG, but he is AWOL... holidays I guess...

ps: I feel dirty enough asking for fives without anyone pointing it out. thank you :D




2009-12-22 06:56:08 by Oreo47



Autumn War: Survivor needs your help! GO VOTE NOW!

AW2 is up and live @ kong once more, with plenty of fixes, updates, and a new feature or two. Try holding down the space bar when a zombie grabs you. It's wild...

Again the graphics you see here are going into AW2, which I know has been in development for god knows how long, but as the greats of the industry say "the last %10 takes %90 of the time"...

Most importantly, I ask your support. Go to kongregate and vote on survivor. Winning the competition that's currently going on there would certainly mean getting some help on AW:2, And more effort on the franchise as a whole...

I actually had to get a JOB... once... AW2 was taking so long!

Go, Play, and ENJOY!!! I'll be posting survivor on NG as soon as I get the greenlight from my sponsor (, again!), who has been most helpful in getting it launched.

P.S. Sorry bout the AFK. My new policy is to apologize for AFK at the end of my updates, so feel free to ignore the last paragraph from now on :P


AW:S goin offline :(

2009-10-02 01:55:02 by Oreo47

I'm sad to say AW:S is going offline for an undetermined length of time. A lot of viewers say it's too dark to run on their computer, and there isn't any quick way of fixing this. So I gotta take it offline, sex it up, and whore it out to the sponsors (FGL FTW!), which I haven't tried for a few months now.

Pimpin ain't easy.

Less than 3000 views in 48 hrs pays for a fancy dinner at McDonald's, but 'even starving artists need to eat' was more of a figure of speech.
So go get your kill on while it's up, cuz it ain't up for long. /autumn-war-survivor

To show how MOST unhappy I am about this, here is a picture of me not smiling.

AW:S goin offline :(


2009-09-28 23:08:15 by Oreo47 /autumn-war-survivor


Sorry for leaving you all in the dark, but im back in action. It's on kongregate at the moment so that I make a bit of money, as no sponsors ever got back to me. I'll be moving it to NG when it has some new features and stuff, as I love you guys, but even starving artists need to eat. Right?

Anyways, AW2 is still being worked on, but im doing some HUGE changes that must be done to make it play properly. There's more to a game than just looking sexy.

AW:S is where im testing all the assets that are going into AW2, and im going to have to do another AW:S before i can launch AW2, so what would you guys like to play as more in the next survivor? Witchhunter, or nextgen heavy armor? Both witch and xeno will be making their way into the next survivor, and i'll be dropping some screen shots of em in action soon.

Anyways, please enjoy AW:S on kong for the time being, and if i win the monthly contest, i'll have a new comp for working on AW2, which will make the world a better place for all. Except the zombies.


Autumn War: Survivor FINISHED!

2009-06-10 17:25:54 by Oreo47

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The trailer was put together in like 5 mins... Im too busy enjoying the game to put any more effort into that...

It's been finished for a few weeks now, but for some reason the sponsors aren't responding... I am just a *little* annoyed with this, as I can't post the game it's self till I have a sponsor for it. If I can't find a sponsor, then I will have to shelf survivor, which would SUCK, as then no one gets to play it.

If you liked playing as HUNK from RE:4, then this game is for you...

Does anyone know about NG sponsorships? Or any sponsors that RESPOND to emails? Any help will get AW:S out that much sooner.

GYAA! Watch the video, then scroll down for AW goodness.

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The video is something to do with a Japanese gum contest, and is completely unrelated to AW... but if enough of you fine people watch it, then I will release the AW:Survivor trailer on Saturday.

The guy in the video is not me, thank-you for asking!

'Autumn War: Survivor' is only a few days away! I know I said it was going to be out like a couple weeks ago, but I wanted the camera work to be even MORE cinematic than AW2, which takes time/effort. A lot of the stuff from survivor will be used to make AW2 even sexier, so please pardon this little side project.

And post your comments quickly! My newgrounds attention span is only ever a week at most. After that, I stop reading feedback...

AUTUMN WAR: SURVIVOR screen shots!

New Autumn War 2 Trailer

2009-04-09 01:08:52 by Oreo47

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All in-game. Yea.

In other news, I haz a laptop.

AW 2 is still a long way off, but...

If any of you like the flash game 'secret mission', Im going to do a little game like that using the autumn war 2 engine. I am going to get it out in *drum roll* ONE WEEK!!! It will give me a chance to get the zombies properly animated, and I all ready have most the soldier animations done.

I'll keep Y'all posted.


2008-12-27 00:37:42 by Oreo47

I have been away from NG for awhile, but i have been adding TONS of shit to AW, despite my harddrive dying. It still sorta works, but I have to reinstall the OS once or twice a week now (blue screen of death). Plus I lost all my music and movies to a registry glitch :D

Anywho, here is some of the things that have gone in:

MP5 (optional silencer)
Enforcer rifle (50. cal carbine, optional chainsaw bayonet/sniper module)
Sniper rifle (optional silencer)
M60 (can lay suppressive fire)
Weapon customization for most weapons (scope, silencer, extended barrel, bayonet, etc.)
Rail gun (man portable)
Time of day (morning, noon, evening, night)
Weather effects
Nextgen elite wear red capes
Enhanced camera
Down animations (characters will draw pistol in last stand, drag wounded, etc)
Vehicle animations (tanks will recoil with shots, jeeps will blast into pieces, etc)
Particle effects (very sexy explosions)
Stealth kills

I could go on. But I got xmas stuff to do for the next week or so. Im getting a new hard drive for xmas, and maybe some ram, finally; so i'll be doing a trailer once I get the melee looking smooth.

I may or may not read all the responses to my last post, so if you have something to say, say it to MY FACE (aka this post).

And remember, good things come to those who wait... when i push back the release date, it's to make sure AW2 will be every bit as good as I have promised.

Till next time, keep it real, NG!


Red Ring of Death! AW2 Production up %3000!

2008-09-26 19:45:10 by Oreo47

Yep, the 'ol 360 crapped out on me the other day there; and in a blind rage I converted from vectorian to rhasterfarian, which is a major religious transition (I wear my hair differently and everything). Anywho, this pretty much means I have been going through and re-sampling a bunch of junk, as well as doing some tune-ups and optimizations.

Oh, and if you thought 30 zombies were tough, here's what 70 (appx) look like.

...and who is THAT!?

stay tuned for moar!

Red Ring of Death! AW2 Production up %3000!

Autumn War 2 ScreenShots

2008-08-01 20:51:18 by Oreo47

I'm still working on it, don't worry. Now, I hate to say it, but it will be finished when it's finished, and not a moment before. Second, spam slows me down, for reasons too complicated for explanation... So to address this here are the rules:

1) If your last post was under a line long, please wait till I post something or reply before posting more stuff.

2) If your idea is TOO awesome to wait for the aforementioned conditions, it is acceptable to EDIT YOUR LAST POST. Just click 'edit', and put in the new idea.

3) The above rules are mute if someone has made a comment about your mother and/or her genitals.

Well, i gotta get back to it, this will be my last post for a week or so, hence the plethora of pictures. I'll still reply to stuff, though. Just got post fatigue. You know.

Well, i gotta get back to it, this will be my last post for atleast a week or so, hence the plethora of pictures. I'll still reply to stuff, though. Just got post fatigue. You know.

Autumn War 2 ScreenShots