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Autumn war 2 screenshots

2016-01-10 02:20:42 by Oreo47

Been spending alot of time on animating the heads of the characters, now they can have expressions, hair sway, speech, and even blinking. Also doubled the draw distance and figured out how to make the trees, rocks and bushes become 3D. I hope my next post is a trailer.845945_145241037973_awsc9.jpg

Autumn war 2 screenshots

2015-12-22 12:50:58 by Oreo47

Sorry bout the afk, laptop was down for a couple weeks. Worked on the winter area on my 1 GB RAM netbook.845945_145080657642_awsc8.jpg

Autumn War 2 screenshot

2015-11-22 08:33:28 by Oreo47


Here is the daily screenshot. WOO!

This one is of a group of soldiers hiding from a greater chimera. Will they survive? YOU DECIDE!!!

Autumn War 2 gameplay video

2015-11-18 21:34:56 by Oreo47

Hi, said i would not release a trailer anytime soon, so i will call this a gameplay video. Watching it now i realize a lot more stuff could go in (the running zombies, strafing, etc), but I'll do a real trailer when the bugs and camera are fixed. Enjoy!

Autumn war screenshot

2015-11-17 17:37:43 by Oreo47

I think ill update with one screenshot a day... dont feel like doing a trailer  yet.845945_144779984931_awssc02.jpg

Autumn war 2 screenshots

2015-11-08 19:59:05 by Oreo47

845945_144703065821_scc.jpgHi, Working hard on AW2. Will get back to work on survivor, but having too much fun developing this epic.

Autumn War Survivor 2 Trailer

2015-07-12 03:11:04 by Oreo47

Autumn War Survivor 2 is only a week or so from completion.... here's a peek!


Autumn War 2 Engine Demo

2014-08-19 21:34:35 by Oreo47


Sorry bout the afk; I was diagnosed with a mental illness a few years and it put my life on hold. Im back now, though, and have a little treat for you...

This is not a trailer, but rather an engine demo... All the animations and most of the graphics are rough versions, and the whole thing is still riddled with bugs.

So waddya think?

Phew, Autumn War: Survivor placed 10th in that whole stride contest thing, and it was a helluva fight. All thanks to your support. And me. But also your support! Sponsor finally got back to me to, so it all worked out in the end.

Anywho, I have been screwing around with mode7 (mario kart engine) for a few weeks now, and decided it's the way to go. I still need to sex it up so that camera shake and all that work, but with draw distances that go out into next week and the option to put in hundreds blur filters and such... well, the screenshots speak for them selves.

Oh, and it runs smoother than survivor, and half the load time. Plus a bunch of other stuff. Is that an AC-130 up there? what? really? get OUT.

Trailer coming just as soon as i can figure out how to make the camera go up and down... Much harder than it sounds...

"Well that was a disaster. Let's run it again~"

(modern warfare 2 FTW)

AW2 SCREENSHOTS!!! sorry no trailer... YET...


2009-12-25 06:25:25 by Oreo47


Now that that's outta the way...


Currently, AWS is hovering at the 3.30 mark, which is disappointing, but it was hit HARD, I *think*,by kong blammers. It was shot back past 100th place in it's first few hours, but is now up past 20th. If it gets 15th or higher, then it is eligible for the $10,000 GRAND PRIZE!? DAMNNN!

The current safe mark is 3.31, so even ONE vote will make a difference!

Thanks to everyone who has shown their support so far!

Voting closes on the 27th so go SHOW YOUR SUPPORT AND VOTE!!!
On the 28th, if we are above 15th, I'll put up a short AW2 trailer, so you can see some of the new graphics. If not, I'll be pissy, but still put it up.

Your call.

Oh, and I'm still waiting on my sponsor about putting it up on NG, but he is AWOL... holidays I guess...

ps: I feel dirty enough asking for fives without anyone pointing it out. thank you :D